SamoborSamobor area covers 315 km2 west of Zagreb, near the border with the neighboring Republic of Slovenia. Samobor is a picturesque town with a preserved old urban center and one of the most popular excursion sites for a million inhabitants of the Croatian capital. Its long history, rich cultural heritage and attractive surroundings also mean an important position in the tourism of the north-western Croatia. With the Charter of the king Bela IV in 1242, Samobor began its development as a free royal market town. Above the town there are ruins of the Old Burg, build from the 13th to the 18th century, abandoned in the 19th century, with preserved only the architectural details from the Romanesque period onward. Under the Old Burg there is the older part of Samobor, Taborec, with wooden houses and the Gothic Church of St. Michael, renovated in the Baroque style, as well as the sports and recreation center Vugrinščak. On the Tepec hill there is the most beautiful Samobor promenade, Anindol with a Baroque Chapel of St. Anne, the patron saint of Samobor. The central square has many cafes and restaurants with the view to the facades of the buildings from the 19th century, and is a favorite excursion site for many visitors from Zagreb. Livadić castle from 1764 is located near the main square, and hosts the Samobor Museum. Besides many historical sites (Old Burg, Samobor Museum, Parish Church), some houses in the town's center look like Venitian houses, so this part of town is called the "Samobor Venice". The rich culinary offer includes the Rude salty strudel greblica, the spicy Samobor mustard muštarda, the bermet liqueur, garlic sausages, the cream custard pastries kremšnitas, Samobor salami and so on. Many sports, recreational events and sites in the town and the surroundings offer visitors and tourists a good quality active vacation. The main recreational activity is hiking, Samobor being the cradle of the Croatian hiking. There are many well-marked hiking trails around Samobor and several nice mountain lodges. The Samobor Carnival or Fašnik is an event of a long tradition and one of the best known carnivals. Other manifestations include the Samobor Salamijada, the feast of Samobor sausages, the Spring Fest and Fair, the Night of the Tamburitza, Old-timers Rally, Days of the Rude Greblica, Samobor Music Autumn and so on.

Address: Trg kralja Tomislava 5, 10430 Samobor
Tel: 01 3378 111
Fax: 01 3378 113


Objects on town area

Samobor graveyard
MDM Perković, Fruit Wine Manufacture
Photo Gallery Lang
Chapel of St. Vitus
Fairy Caves
Parish Church of St. Barbara
Chapel of St. Anthony
Chapel of St. Joseph
Samobor Calvary
Kurija i park Bistrac
Samobor Hostel
Church of St. Michael
Chapel of the Holy Cross
Ethno House at Okić
Marton Museum
Samobor Tourist Board
Samobor Museum
Exquisit, Handicraft Manufacture
Old Burg Okić
Franciscan Church of Mary's Ascension
Prica Gallery
Cerinski Vir Waterfall
Greek-Catholic Parish Church of St. George
Chapel of St. Anne
Entrepreneur Center Samobor, Ltd
Parish church of St. Martin
Restaurant Vilinske Jame
Old Town Samobor
The Parish Church of St. Anastasia
Podolje Castle
Nature park Žumberak - Samobor hills
Balagov Castle
Grgos Cave
Samobor Primary School - Section handicraft
Beekeeping association „Samobor and Sv. Nedelja“
Mirnovec Country-House
Chapel of St. Petronila
Uskoks Museum of Žumberak
Parish Church of St. Leonard and the Franciscan Monastery
Chapel of St. George
King Tomislav Square
Anindol Pyramid
Meeting House Tabor
Educational Trail Otruševac

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