Legal relations

Support to the Tourist Cluster Development Strategy

The strategic documents for the development of the Tourist Cluster are the "Study of Founding the Tourist Cluster of Sutla and Žumberak" and the "Study of Developing Rural Tourism in the Zagreb County". Zagreb County initiated these studies in order to create the basis for tourist development in this area.

List of Studies

Legislature and Legal Framework for Rural Tourism

Providing catering, accommodation and tourist services in rural tourism is defined by the currently valid regulations on catering, accommodation and tourism.

List of Applicable Regulations


  1. Act on the Provision of Tourism Services – NN (Official Gazette) 68/07
  2. Sojourn Tax Act - NN (Official Gazette)152/08


  1. Hospitality and Catering Industry Act - NN (Official Gazette) 138/06
  2. Statute on Minimum Requirements in Relation to Type and Requirements Regarding Category - NN (Official Gazette) 88/07
  3. 3. Statute on Hospitality and Catering Services in Rural Households - NN (Official Gazette) 5/08