Marija Bistrica District

Marija Bistrica DistrictMarija Bistrica, the famous pilgrimage site and the largest Croatian feast and fair ground, has a long tradition of religious tourism. The main destination of the pilgrimage is the medieval church from the first half of the 14th century with the miraculous statue of Mother of God from Bistrica from the 16th century. Marija Bistrica is visited by more than 800,000 pilgrims every year. The way of the cross is decorated by the sculptures of the best Croatian artists and masters. The gallery of the sanctuary is a part of the church visit. Licitar hearts, bingo games, merry-go-rounds, potters, basket makers and drinking gvirc, this all makes up the feast and fair atmosphere. Behind the Calvary hill, in the oasis of peace, there is a monastery of Discalced Sisters. The founding stone for the monastery was consecrated by the Holy Father on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the Zagreb Diocese, on September 11, 1994 in Zagreb, and laid to the foundations of the future monastery in Marija Bistrica by cardinal Franjo Kuharić on September 11, 1995. Long walks to Marija Bistrica are parts of the religious tradition.

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Pottery and Blacksmith Master Tomo
Majka Božja Bistrička Sanctuary
Kunić Manufacture

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