Dubravica District

Dubravica DistrictDubravica district is situated in the northwestern part of the Zagreb County. From the north it borders the Krapina-Zagorje County and Kraljevec na Sutli district, from the east the Luka district and Zaprešić, from the southeast the Pušća district, from the south with Marija Gorica district and the western border is the Sutla river and the state border with Slovenia. According to the last consensus from 2001, Dubravica district had 1,586 inhabitants in 10 villages. Dubravica got the name after the Dubrava forest, abundant with oak and beech, as well as clean wells and streams. Some visitors come to see the protected eco-reserve of the Čret forest, especially Gmajna forest on Lugarski Breg hill, with the unique habitat of the endemic insect-eating plant - the round-eaved sundew Drosera rotundifolia, also the district's emblem. A larger number of visitors come to the Feast of St. Anne (July 26, the patron saint), with the traditional feast and fair, as well as the Day of the District. Besides the Parish Church of St. Anne in Rozga from 1842, other cultural monuments are the chapel on the local graveyard from 1609 and the 300-year-old parish hall built of wood. There is a hundred-year-old tradition of playing woodwins and brass instruments in the "Rozga" orchestra. A festival of north-western Croatian orchestras is held there in May.

Address: Ulica Pavla Štoosa 3, 10293 Dubravica
Tel: 01/ 3399 360, 01/3399 356
Fax: 01/ 3399 360
E-mail : opcina-dubravica@zg@t-com.hr
Web: htttp://www.dubravica.hr

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Cret - Carnivorous Plant Habitat
Church of St. Anne in Rozga

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