Žumberak District

Žumberak DistrictThe Žumberak district encompasses the southwestern Žumberak mountain, at 110.17 km2 and 35 villages where 1,185 inhabitants lived in 2001. The most important archeological site in the Žumberak district is the Illyrian village at Budinjak. A famous fort and graveyard from the older Iron Age was discovered there. Also valuable are Roman objects from the necropolis near Gornja Vas. This area was greatly changed by the Ottoman attacks during the 15th and 16th century. The area was devastated, so the government began organized settlement in 1530, of mostly Uskoks from Senj. Near the village Sopote there is the Old Burg Žumberak, the most important medieval fort in Žumberak, from the 11th century. Several kilometers farther, at Gradsko Brdo, the town's hill, New Burg Žumberak was built after the old had been destroyed in the 16th century, as the main defense against the Turkish invasion. Nearby there is the Church of St. Nicholas from 1349. The most frequent visitors of Žumberak today are hikers and excursionists who use the mountain lodges of the Žumberak hills in Vodice and Sekulići. Pilgrims climb the Sveta Gera mountain, the highest peak (1178 m), from Sošice, where there is an ethnographic collection in the monastery of the Basilica Sisters, to the Church of St. Elias from the 15th century traditionally on the last Sunday in January.

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Objects on borough area

Sopote Waterfall
Parish Church of St. Michael
Caritas Holiday Resort for Children and Young People, Kalje
Chapel of St. Elias
Novi grad Žumberački Fort
Slapnica Canyon
Ethnographic Collection of the Basilica Sisters
Parish Church St. Peter and Paul
Jazovka Grotto
Brisalo Waterfall
Sveta Gera
Church of St. Nicholas
Church of St. Peter and Paul

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