The Tourist Zone of Sutla and Žumberak is a treasury of impressive history, customs and tradition with many cultural, entertaining, folklore, sports, leisure and other options during the entire year. The area includes the western parts of the Zagreb County and the borders of Krapina and Zagorje County, with unforgettable views from the hillside villages of the Samobor and Žumberak hills, as well as the hills of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Besides all this, the Zone also means the rich tradition of taste and the gastronomy based on domestic cuisine.Find out more!

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  • 29.05.2014   Souverni shop "Srčeko" gets a makeover

    Sales / Exhibition area of souvenir shop "Srčeko", which is located on the main square of Samobor - King Tomislav Square, was enriched with additional office space. There, visitors will be able to get all information about hand-painting and making souvenirs from glass, and buy them. The newly renovated space is a new concept for activities of souvenir shop “Srčeko”, with an emphasis on greater suitability for presentation during group visits and interactive workshops where visitors can create their own souvenir item. Come and see for yourself!
  • 26.07.2012   Summer at the Krapina Neanderthal

    If you're wondering where to go on Sundays here is the answer! Tourist Board Krapina organizes rich entertainment and music program called "Summer atthe Krapina Neanderthal" every Sunday during the August.
  • 20.07.2012   Special tourist offer of Hostel Samobor

    Hostel Samobor prepared a new tours for its guests and visitors of Samobor and its surroundings.
  • 20.07.2012   The St. Barbara Mine is open

    St. Barbara Mine in the village of Rude is the newest tourist attraction in Samobor. The protection and preservation of technical and mining - geological heritage and the realization of the idea as wel as long - time dream about opening a mining museum members of the Folk Group Oštrc, is the part of a comprehensive project entitled "The wealth of the underground world in the past and today", financed by the PHARE pre-accession funds of the European Union.


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  • Ljeto u Mariji Bistrici
  • Ljeto u Samoboru
  • Ljeto u Mariji Bistrici