Donja Stubica

Donja StubicaDonja Stubica is located in the central part of the northern slopes of the Medvednica mountain, in the center of the Stubica valley. Its southern parts include the rich forests of the Nature Park Medvednica, and the northern area stretches towards the Krapina river valley, over the string of hills with magnificent belvederes, such as Britvička, Antolovčak, Kamenjak and so on. Stubica was mentioned for the first time in 1209, in the charter by Andrew II to the parish priest Vratislav. As the parish center it was first mentioned in 1334, when the suburbs became an urban settlement and a market with many craftsmen. The fort, kastrum and the suburbs belonged to the large Susedgrad-Stubica aristocratic estate. As the center of the Croatian and Slovenian peasant uprising, lead by Matija Gubec, with a bloody outcome on the Stubica field on February, 9, 1573, Stubica was included in the focus of medieval events of that time. There are many cultural manifestations held in Donja Stubica over the year: Croatian Book Month, music festivals, art exhibitions, organized by many cultural institutions. The Classicistic castle Stubički Golubovec serves as a temporary archive premises for the National and University Library and hosts Kajkavijana - the society for preservation of the Croatian Kajkavian heritage. The park around the castle is protected as a horticultural monument and used as a public park.

Address: Trg Matije Gupca 20/II, 49240 Donja Stubica
Tel: 049 286-141, 286-442
Fax : (+385 49) 286-112
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Church of the Holy Trinity
Stubički Golubovec Castle

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