Kumrovec District

Kumrovec DistrictA picturesque village in the Sutla river valley, is located 6 km north-west of Klanjec, at the altitude of 234 m, in the western part of the Krapina-Zagorje County and belongs to the Zagreb economic area. Zagreb is 48 km from Kumrovec, which today has 1,854 inhabitants, including the surrounding villages. The economic base is agriculture, farming, metal industry and tourism. The district lies on the main road and railway route Zagreb-state border-Rogaška Slatina-Celje. Kumrovec was first mentioned in written documents in 1463, as one of the Cesargrad estates, which was under government of the Celjski counts already in the 14th century. As a settlement of scattered groups of local type houses, hiža mazanka, Kumrovec stagnated until the end of the WW II when it began renovation, restoration and development as the birth place of Josip Broz Tito. "Political tourism" meant construction and preservation of a rural environment and opening of the unique outdoor museum - Staro Selo Museum. Kumrovec today has no industry or development programs, but the history, natural, cultural and tourist capacities have the potential to take Kumrovec out of the historical lethargy since the end of the 20th century.

Address: Josipa Broza 12 , 49295 Kumrovec
Tel: 049 553 728
Fax: 049 553 728
E-mail: opcina@kumrovec.hr
Web: http://www.kumrovec.hr

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Ethnological Museum Staro Selo Kumrovec

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