Sveta Nedelja

Sveta NedeljaA picturesque place near the old road to Samobor and the modern highway which connects Zagreb to the Slovenian border and Europe. It was first mentioned in 1501 as one of the parishes in the Zagreb Diocese. From 1760 to 1787 it was the seat of the parish priest and the writer of the first Croatian arithmetics, Mihalj Šilobod Bolšić. Today's Parish Church of the Holy Trinity is a Baroque building with an attractively ornamented ceiling. Nearby is a valuable Chapel of St. Roko, mentioned already in 1668. In Sveta Nedjelja there is an old manor of the parish hall and the church house with a wooden balcony. Due to its position between Samobor and Zagreb, as well as the configuration of the area (valleys and hills), Sveta Nedjelja is a popular settlement with more than 15,000 inhabitants, over 41.43 km2 and 14 villages, one of the most populated districts of the Zagreb county with a positive population growth. This is all related to the economic development and other branches of economy being dominant beside the traditional agriculture.

Address: Trg Ante Starčevića 5, 10431 Sveta Nedelja
Tel: 01 3335 4444
Faks: 01 3373 564
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