Tourist Route Bregana – Budinjak – Sošice – Krašić

Nature Park ŽumberakThis tourist route begins in Bregana, 4 km from Samobor. Turn left just before the state border Bregana towards Grdanjci and Gabrovica. The route is physically demanding in the second part due to the ascent, but leads through a picturesque area, suitable for walks and hiking, resting in pure nature, hunting and fishing. The route mostly follows the existing, marked bike trail in the Nature Park Žumberak-Samobor Hills.

Eco Village ŽumberakThe trail is suitable for recreational bikers in the first part, as the ride to Samobor, over Bregana and Grdanjci to the popular excursion site Bio Park Divlje Vode and Eco Village Žumberak. The trail follows the border with Slovenia and the natural environment of the Bregana stream. Restaurant "Vilinske Jame" is in Grdanjci and an interesting complex of small caves Vilinske Jame, where the legend says once fairies lived.

Caritas  Holiday Resort for Children and Young People, KaljeIn the village Gabrovica, at the crossroads before the restaurant Bio Park Divlje Vode, you may take two different directions. One path leads uphill, by the asphalt road to Stojdraga, Budinjak, Sošice and Kostanjevec, all the way to Krašić. In Stojdraga there is the Greek-Catholic parish office, the Žumberak Uskoks Museum and the Church of St. George from the 19th century. There is also the Millennium Cross, the monument erected on the occasion of the thousand years of the Croatian state. The second part of the trail connects Stojdraga and Budinjak with the eco center of the Nature Park Žumberak-Samobor Hills and the Chapel of St. Petronila in the vicinity. Farther along the asphalt road there is the village Gornja Vas, one of the largest villages in Žumberak with a good view to most of Žumberak, Samobor hills and the entire Gorski Kotar area. To the left is the road for Kalje and Caritas's Holiday Resort for Children and Young People and beside it, the medieval building, the Church of St. Michael. After Gornja Vas, the route continues on the St. Elijah chappelŽumberak main road to the village Sošice, in the wide valley of the Sošice plateau. There are two churches, side by side, in the village, the Roman Catholic Chapel of Mary's Ascension and the Greek-Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul. An interesting place is also the ethnographic collection of the Basilica Sisters. Rest and food is offered in the Radić Ilas inn. Here is also the start of the marked hiking routes and the road to Sveta Gera, 1178 m, which is the highest peak in the northwestern Croatia. The peak is also called St. Elias after the Greek-Catholic chapel. Nearby is the Slovenian Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Gera. The Slovenians do not use the name Sveta Gera, but Trdinov Vrh, after the author Janez Trdina. The peak is a wide, wavy opening, 300 m long, stretching from east to west, with a 15 m tall pillar and ladder for climbing on top.

The Church of St. NicholasNear Sošice there is the Sopote waterfall and the Jazovka grotto. The main road descends through the villages of Hartje, Drašći Vrh and Željezno Žumberačko, situated on the ridge with wonderful views to the Žumberak area. Off route there is a valuable sacral object, the Church of St. Nicholas with the ruins of the Novi Grad Žumberački. Rest and food are available from the family farm Podžumberak in the village Žumberak.

Continue on the main route through Oštrc and Tupčina to Medven Draga and the Medven family manor, as well as the Nature Park's control point. Only 800 m away is the watermill of the Medven family on the Kupčina stream offering accommodation. Chapel of St. MaryBy entering the quarry and the macadam road along the Slapnica stream canyon, the Vranjac waterfall and the 15 m high Brisalo waterfall. The main road from Medven Draga leads to Pribički Strmec, the hall of the Greek-Catholic bishops and the Neo-Byzantine Chapel of St. Mary on the island. Next is the village Kostanjevec, the administrative center of the Žumberak district. Take a short rest in the local bistro Mateo or visit the commercial fishery Deško and its restaurant.

The Memorial Room of Alojzije StepinecAlong the green hills of Pribić you will reach Krašić, the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Memorial Room of Alojzije Stepinec and Ethno House Mrzljak. Take the road towards Jastrebarsko.

Accommodation and catering options: Caritas's resort in Kalje, family farm Podžumberak, rural tourism Medven - Čunkova Draga.