Samobor travel tour

Go Atlas Airtours travel agency began to organize guided walks through Samobor, medieval, picturesque town with its preserved old town, long excursion tradition, interesting history and rich gastronomy.

Samobor is located 20 km from Zagreb and is known by the  first excursion to Samobor Hills. The name Samobor is linked to the "Samoborček" narrow-gauge railway that connected Samobor and Zagreb. Name Samobor was celebrated in many patriotic songs like "Croatia has not collapsed jet," which was created in Samobor.
In the tourist tour guests will visit the city center through which flows Gradna, the parish church of sv. Anastasia and the square of Matica hrvatska.  From the central square of King Tomislav, the walk continues towards Anindol -  beautiful walkway and forest park on the  Tepec hill. There is also a Baroque chapel of St. Anna. In the end, tourists will visit the old town of Samobor,  built around 1270 year. Walkway that leads to the recreation center Vugrinščak, along the river Gradna you come again to Livadić castle which is now a museum. Walk ends at King Tomislav Square tasting Samobor custard slices.
The price is 85,00 kn (12 Eur) per person and includes a licensed tour guide and a custard slice.
Place of meeting: Croatian Hall, Square of Matica hrvatska 3
Information and reservations: Go Atlas Airtours, tel: 01 333 5688, email: go@go.hr